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in the latest poll, wisconsin, paul ryan's home state, as part of the obama firewall, romney would like to get it, still trails by three points look at new hampshire, while the president leads by two, new hampshire looks like the state that will go romney, romney's economic numbers are better than the president, and the president's job approval rating is less than better there. but i'll show you the crucial state ends up sitting here as ohio, if you look at these numbers here. in the road to 270, the missing ingredient is ohio, brian. >> all right, as we'll be discussing, something tells me, tuesday night, chuck todd at the board, as we continue along the way. why visitors to new york won't be able to visit one of the great icons, for quite a while. as our own richard engel found out earlier today. >>> back with more on this storm, nbc's richard engel got up above the city of new york in a police chopper today to see the damage and the challenge that now lies ahead. here now, some of that vantage point. >> reporter: from here, you can see the skyline, the iconic image. new york city, surrounde
of 43 years. >> she would have been a wonderful first lady. >> reporter: today, paul ryan who was reelected to the house and will have a much bigger voice, released a statement, i am very proud of the campaign we ran, and i remain grateful to the governor to be his running mate. aides cut the audio to the giant broadcast screens, cueing the band to play. and today, one of mr. romney's top surrogates, new jersey governor chris christie spoke for his fellow republican. >> i was extraordinarily disappointed last night, i was surprised that it ended the way it did. but that is the way it goes. >> reporter: another person put it more succinctly, telling nbc news, this one stings. and in the last hour, governor romney left the campaign, there wrapping up a good-bye meeting about his staff, now leaving the headquarters perhaps for the last time. >> peter alexander at the end of the campaign, in a blustery mass, and lester holt is here with more, on how the oba campaign was able to stitch together this victory. >> well, the short answer is, they recognized the demographic shift in thi
, that governor romney chose norfolk, virginia as place to unveil his vice presidential running mate, paul ryan, both of them were here today. here is the latest, the wall street journal poll for virginia, showing president obama ahead by just a single point, the same margin, rather, in our national poll. obama is counting on a big voter turnout in fairfax, county, in the voter-rich areas of northern virginia. he is also hoping for a turnout in loudoun and prince william counties. meanwhile, mitt romney is hoping to make inroads there, while insuring that his base, the red states come out to vote for him. we also have a very close senate race to tell you about, two are up by three points now. so in the end, this state could make a big difference on who wins the white house. >> all right, tom costello, now to the hard fought state of wisconsin, ron mott, at the end of a long campaign is in milwaukee, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian, wisconsin has been blue over the last several presidential elections, although 2004 was a nail biter, we could have another one on our hands, this is
straight from the polls to his campaign plane with paul ryan. >> i'm awed by the spirit and enthusiasm, support, energy, it's just amazing. thank you. >> reporter: while mr. romney thanks volunteers, later fueling up on fast food. it was a near traffic jam on the tarmac in cleveland. air force two carrying the vice president to a late campaign swing of his own touched down behind the governor's jet. he appeared almost overwhelmed by the reception in a state until now he largely ignored. >> that's when you know you're going to win. >> reporter: mr. ronlny said he didn't want to look back with anything other than satisfaction about his campaign. last night the romneys were greeted by a rock star's welcome in new hampshire. a three minute ovation in the state where the former massachusetts governor kicked off this campaign more than 500 days ago. >> i have a clear and unequivocal message. with the right leadership, america's going to come roaring back. >> reporter: late today after a bitter campaign, mr. romney struck a conciliatory tone. >> the president has run a strong campaign. i beli
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)